Newsletter "Insight out" April 2018

"Systemic Projectmanagement - Much more than Project Management?"

The challenges in implementing technologically demanding projects in all phases of product development have changed immensely in the last 25 years. Since its inception in 1992, the Schnitzer Group has developed the approach of “Systemic Projectmanagement” for supporting projects and has since made it the essence of its brand.

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Newsletter November 2017

"There is no plan that can survive contact with reality"

Product development planning is based on a “zero errors” approach. At the same time, increasingly digital team communication and rapid technological changes in the production environment are placing growing demands on all of the parties involved. These factors can quickly turn projects into complex undertakings and augment the risk of failure in the process. So how can projects be turned into success stories nonetheless?

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Newsletter March 2017 -
"Systemic Projectmanagement meets Leadership"

What connects „Systemic Projectmanagement“ with leadership? Do processes not conflict with the required agility in an organisation? How become all three definitions an unit? Exciting questions, which are answered in our new newsletter in part and which we´ll deepen with you at our After-Work-Cocktail on 27.04.2017. Let yourself be surprised – and by the other topics of our worldwide activities, too.

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Newsletter October 2016 – „Detecting and minimizing project risks preventively“

A topic that affects our daily business and makes it exciting. Even at the WCE = World Class Engineering it is mainly the human factor that determines the success. Experience the pragmatic approach of the Schnitzer Group therefore.

Furthermore our headquarter Wangen i. Allgäu and the new company film are presented in the new edition of "Schnitzer in Time“

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Newsletter January 2016 – „Eight days in china“
In February of this year, the Association of German Tool and Mold Makers (VDWF) organized an eight-day factfinding trip to China. The Schnitzer Group Shanghai made a key contribution to planning, organizing and supporting the tour of the Middle Kingdom.

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Newsletter October 2015 – „An external view provides greater transparency“
The development period for technical products, that is, from the design sketch to series production, has nearly halved over the past ten years. At the same time, however, these products, their manufacturing and the materials they are made with, have become more complex. This is a trend which often leads to differences between those involved in production projects.

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Newsletter April 2015 – „Knowledge Networking – Direct Communication - Project Case Studies"

Learn more about the interesting aspects and tasks of the Schnitzer Group. Now in the current newsletter, “In Time 01/2015”.
The more projects are being organized internationally, the more important is the knowledge, which and where information/know-how is provided to create customer projects fast and successfully. The employees of the technical service provider work in close cooperation among each other. Also supported by the intranet tool “Sharepoint” with Schnitzer Wikipedia and blogs and by a culture of trust lived internally.

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Newsletter October 2014 - Collective Intelligence

A group, a swarm always knows more than a single expert.
That´s why we at Schnitzer Group focus on team work – especially within the „Systemic Project Management“. How does it work? How do we do that?
More information you can find in our new „Schnitzer In Time“.
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Newsletter April 2014 - Our customer in the focus
International project management would be too one- dimensional to us. We at Schnitzer go one step further and talk about global, “Systemic Project Management”.
For the optimal networking of purchasing, quality, logistics, process- and product development the systemic approach of the Schnitzer Group offers practical solutions – especially in international context.
Nearly all articles of our newsletter take up this topic, whether in China, Italy, Russia, Colombia, Ireland or Brazil. Read more...
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Newsletter September 2013 - When a tool needs to get from A to B
There is an increase of each kind of relocation due to the global presence of many branches - if tools, production machines, production lines or whole production plants, it doesn´t matter. One of the main tasks is to ensure, that the moved facility is ready for use, very quickly. That is important to reduce costs and keep the competitive advantage. Read more in our current Newsletter InTime.
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Newsletter May 2013 - Focus global project management
Our Systemic Projectmanagement appeals comprehensive inside the Schnitzer Group and is ingredient in all business units. Technical speaking is that holistic support along the supply chain with regard on organization and expert knowledge.
The several facets, actual projects, the business unit manager Mike Blum from this elemental business branch Systemic Projectmanagement, are topic in this newsletter.
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Newsletter November 2012 - Focus procurement
Companies exist by selling products. However, economic success is also largely dependent on procurement whereas optimal procurement means far more than merely negotiating prices, as Schnitzer describes in the lead article.
Furthermore Supply- Chain-Management in Südamerika and the new Schnitzer App is described. Plus a short portrait of our employee
Andreas Tobschirbel.
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Newsletter March 2012 - Focus electric drive and its consequences
This time in our focus: The cards are being reshuffled, The demand for vehicles with electric drive will increase – with far-reaching consequences for the whole automobile industry. Furthermore: Companies save 50 % of consulting costs; Supplier audits now also in the far east; Inhouse training; Negotiating by concept; External audits? No problem! New materials on the fast line and a short portrait of our employee Robert Fäller.

Newsletter November 2011 - Focus boom in china
Since more than five years is the Schnitzer Consulting Shanghai Co. Ltd. as a legally independent company active in China - a progress report. Furthermore reports about the new challenge of the e-mobility; save money and time with initial sample test reports...

Newsletter May 2011 - Focus part supply
No chip anymore - what now? Securing the part supply as well as the spare part supply; Fischer Präzisionstechnik masters the certification audit DIN ISO 9001 due to Schnitzer; how functions tool controlling? Further Gernot Tutsch and our new employee Reinhold Scheiffele introduce themselves.
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Newsletter November 2010 - Focus diversion of production
diversion of production - but secure! Schnitzer Consulting Shanghai extends their team; Robert Steger, he likes when it seethes; Schnitzer Bietigheim moves house to Kornwestheim; The new service sectors of Schnitzer; Christian Damaske - now certificated Project manager; Digital printer achieves market maturity; Thomas Schuol - the new area director in Wangen im Allgäu
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Newsletter April 2010 – Focus: Project management
Project management: Systematic not hierarchic; Soupac is online; Thomas Hirscher: Master of all elements; Deadlines under control with SLS AMG; Procurement of tools in China; Risk assessment by reviewing contracts
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Newsletter September 2009 – Focus: Soupac
Soupac: Marketplace for tools, equipment and components; Thomas Schuol: At home in Wangen, at home with the world; Restructuring at Schnitzer; Processes monitored per Internet worldwide with the software BOOM Production Manager; Of Bananas and Cowhorns – Experiences from the Middle Kingdom
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Newsletter April 2009 – Focus: Quality
Peter Schnitzer interview on the economic crisis in the automobile industry; Quality assurance; UAE – an unknown site for production; Development Management develops well ; Markus Schübler: A smooth operator! 3D-F Injection moulding simulation with CADmould
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Newsletter September 2008 – Focus: China
Schnitzer Consulting Shanghai: On the road for quality; Data communication – safety first! Odette interface guarantees high security; High-tech on the kitchen table: Process optimization for the Bernina 830; Benchmarking suppliers: Seeking out the best toolmakers; Axel Oroszi: Our man in China; The Chinese way to say “no”: When the negation is between the lines...
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Newsletter April 2008 – Focus: Technical project management
Technical project management ensures high quality; Herbert Hojnick: From Tyrol, Baden and Zurich; Office opened in Turin; milled prototypes from China: Small series fast and cost-efficient

Newsletter October 2007 – Focus: Quality
Advisory contract from China for Schnitzer Consulting Shanghai: Technical process skills guarantee top quality; Quality assurance for E-Smarts; Peter Kienzle: Schwabian and our man from the beginning; Tool inventory online with database wecon-online; intercultural experiences project management between Europe and Asia.

Newsletter July 2007 - Focus: Product validation
Product validation: Germany’s Next Top Model; Project management once around the world; Feasibility tests by Schnitzer; Training concept for injection moulding, Tool making, recasting and metal casting.