A fantastically beautiful holiday

We wish all of our business partners a happy and restful summer holiday 2018. With the view from our location Kornwestheim into the sunrise we would like to tune you in.
Enjoy these precious days of the year.

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Sunrise at the location Kornwestheim of the Schnitzer Group


Relaxing barbecue over the roofs of Kornwestheim

Nowadays managing national and international projects becomes more and more complex and can be pretty stressful and strenuous over the year. All the more, and especially during summer, everyone enjoys spending relaxing hours outdoors. Thus, the colleagues of the Schnitzer Group got together on the terrace of the historical Salamander Building last Friday evening, to ring in the holiday season. Also, the partners and “bag and baggage” were invited to free beer, delicious steaks and prosecco – sponsored by the management board. The highlight of the mild summer evening was the natural phenomenon of the century: the lunar eclipse followed by the blood moon. Furthermore, the flight of the international space station ISS over the firmament.





25 Years of Schnitzer Group – Peter Schnitzer receives Chamber of Industry and Commerce Certificate

During the Schnitzer Group European Campus Meeting at the location Wangen, the Chamber of Industry and Commerce Lake Constance-Upper Swabia presented a certificate for the 25th anniversary. Markus Brunner, head of the business unit education at the Chamber of Industry and Commerce, expressed his gratitude in his laudation to Peter Schnitzer for his vision, his entrepreneurial achievement, his courage and his perseverance. He emphasised the importance of small, family-owned enterprises in Upper Swabia. The awarding was celebrated afterwards at the children´s festival Wangen.

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Geschäftsführer und Standortleiter der Schnitzer Group, Leiter IHK Ravensburg:

Martin Brunnbauer (IHK), Peter Kienzle, Peter Schnitzer, Herbert Hojnick, Ulrike Schnitzer, Klaus Rößler, Thomas Schuol (v.l.n.r.)



Networked on the track for success

The City of Kornwestheim economic development reports in the current newsletter, 02-2018, about the 25th jubilee of the Schnitzer Group. Since 2010 the globally acting technical service provider has located one of its three German locations in the Salamander Areal of the City of Kornwestheim. Due to the continuing growth of the company group, additional offices were rented beginning of 2018.


Safe on the road – Driver safety training

Personal contact, strong local presence in the project and quick readiness are among of the success factors of the Schnitzer Group. To ensure them, each project manager has a company car.
More than 1.200.000 million km are registered annually on these cars. Not included are the additional kilometres which are used with rental cars during foreign assignments.

Therefore, the Schnitzer Group organises this driver safety training on a regular basis for their teams. Recently eight colleagues took the opportunity at the training area in Vaihingen to test and improve their driving abilities. The execution of such trainings is also a central requirement of the trade association, which has been fulfilled by the Schnitzer Group with this approved training. Beside the theoretical information about the driving physics during driving, braking, in curves and during evading actions, the “case of emergency” was tested. The participants learned the safe handling of the car during slalom course, braking and avoidance manoeuvres, in driving curves and getting back the control of a swerving car in practice.

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Chances and Global Impressions for Junior Employees – International Experience in Shanghai

2016/2017 Tobias Glötzinger could gain lot of project experience as a trainee and during the writing of his bachelor thesis at the Schnitzer Group location in Kornwestheim. With his bright nature and his good comprehension, he quickly became a reliable part of the Schnitzer Group team. This way, the young project engineer gained insights in various areas and could prove himself in several Europe-wide customer projects in the automotive industry. At the same time Mr Glötzinger developed with his mentor Mr Stefan Mangold, Project Manager at the Schnitzer Group Germany and long-term location manager at the Schnitzer Group in Shanghai, the internal application project „Tool Tracker“. The open-minded industrial engineer held the project leadership and was able to lead the app to market readiness.

From the Allgäu via Kornwestheim to Shanghai - Already during his bachelor phase in August 2017, Tobias Glötzinger used his holiday for a 4-week try-out „look & see“ at the Schnitzer Group Consulting Shanghai Co. Itd. He wanted to get convinced by the possibilities and challenges on site. Since May 2018 he enthusiastically strengthens the colleagues in Shanghai with great dedication for the upcoming three years.


Sponsor at the HEAD Trophy Switzerland

For the fourth time the HEAD Trophy Switzerland took place in Schaffhausen on the last weekend in June. This international swimming meeting has been used by the participants as preparation for the national Swiss swimming championship in August 2018. 250 athletes showed the almost 1.000 viewers swimming at international level.

The Schnitzer Group supported this event as “gold sponsor”. Herbert Hojnick, managing director of the Schnitzer International Swiss GmbH, was on site on both days and could convince himself of the excellent organisation, the enthusiasm of all athletes and the great audience response.



Great routes and nice weather at the 16th mountain biking event of the SV Deuchelried

On 24 June 2018 a small mountain biking team of the Schnitzer Group took part in the cycling event of the SV Deuchelried. The sporty, ambitious cyclists chose the 50 km tour. Under best weather conditions, this tour took Thomas Schuol, Eckehard Hochholzer and Maximilian Lustig via some climbs and single trail downhills to the challenging climb via Lindenberg to Scheidegg. From there it went back to Deuchelried through the scenic and beautiful landscape of the Allgäu.

Mountain biking is practiced actively by a lot of colleagues of the Schnitzer Group and some of them practice it in competition also. Therefore, the Schnitzer Group supports this event gladly as a sponsor.

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Kickstart for the career

On 7 June 2018, the University of Applied Science Ansbach joined regional companies with students on its campus. The 12th job fare was held under the slogan „the kickstart for your career”. The students took their chance to get insights on entry-level career opportunities, internships or bachelor thesis from the exhibitors.

The Schnitzer Group supports the University‘s „Kunststoff Campus Weißenburg“ as a sponsor and participated at the fare with its own booth. Klaus Rößler location manager at Schnitzer Group Weißenburg and Kevin Berns project manager in our worldwide operating technical consulting company were at visitor’s and their questions disposal. For 6 hours around 50 conversations with students of various faculties have been held. Main topics were plausible subjects to bachelor thesis and the various opportunities for an internship at the different international Schnitzer Group locations.

Once again, a highlight as at every fare was our give-away in form of a wooden cube. With this cube the Schnitzer Group explains visually the typical approach to projects with “Systemic Projectmanagement“.

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Understanding and Applying Communication Standards

One of the success factors of the Schnitzer Group is the ability of concise communication, presentation and summary of contents in the daily project business. Therefor various instruments are available for the colleagues. It is important to be aware of them, to apply and to master them.

With this aim a group of six Schnitzer Group project managers of the locations Wangen i.A. and Kornwestheim met on 07 June 2018.

Reinhold Scheiffele, project manager and trainer at the Schnitzer Group, moderated the one-day workshop. In a mix between theory and practice mixed with communication exercises for the participants the communication standards were taught. There was no demand that all participants had to be perfect at once. What matters most in communication are three important points: exercise – exercise – exercise.



„16th Mountain Biking in the Allgäu“ of the SV Deuchelried"

On 24 June 2018 the SV Deuchelried organises the „16th Mountain Biking in the Allgäu“ event. In the scenic area around Wangen four different, demanding routes between 25 and 80 km are available. The event offers activities for families as well as for sporty ambitious mountain bikers.

The Schnitzer Group supports this event as a sponsor and participates with its own team on the well-organised sporting event.

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Sponsor at the HEAD Trophy Switzerland

On the weekend from 23 to 24 June 2018, the 4th International Rheinfall Meeting takes place as part of the „HEAD Trophy Switzerland” in Schaffhausen. The Schnitzer Group supports this swimming event as a „relay sponsor.” The HEAD Trophy Switzerland stands for swimming on the highest level with international top swimmers.

With the Schnitzer International Swiss GmbH, based in Zurich, the Schnitzer Group has its own company in Switzerland for 10 years. The team around managing director Herbert Hojnick supports customers mainly from the non-automotive sector in projects concerning the whole product development process.

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Competence atlas aviation industry Baden-Württemberg

The Schnitzer Group is a forum member of the aerospace Baden-Württemberg e.V., LR BW and moderates the work group proAviation. In the framework of networking the LR BW creates the „competence atlas of aviation Baden-Württemberg“.

In the actual edition, that was introduced on the ILA 2018 in Berlin, the Schnitzer Group is also represented with an article.

The competence atlas shows the capabilities of the aviation industry in a clearly structure and can be seen as a component to increase the awareness level of the Baden-Württembergische aviation industry.



Plastics injection moulding practical experience module 2

Experience exchange and regular trainings are two major elements in the mentoring concept of the Schnitzer Group. For the technology „plastics injection moulding“ two separate modules are available: Module 1 covers the topic „Machine and process“, while module 2 focueses on the content „Tool technology“ of plastics injection moulding products.

In the end of April the colleagues Hubert Sinz, Kevin Berns, Valentin Fischer and Martin Schnitzer participated at the one day training at the location in Weißenburg. Klaus Rößler, managing director in Weißenburg, lead through the topic with the help of many interesting examples from practice.

The modules of the plastics injection moulding training „From practice to practice“ built up on top of each other and are also offered as open or closed trainings for external firms and participants.



Schnitzer Group Newsletter "IN TIME" 01-2018 ready for download

Click on the picture and get some interesting insights in our corporate culture

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From Practice for Practice

On 16 April 2018 a training on the subject „injection moulding „machine and process“ took place at the Schnitzer Group at the location Kornwestheim. The training was offered to the colleagues in the framework of the internal mentoring program. Leader of the training was Marius Schindler, one of the plastics experts at the Schnitzer Group. On the basis of detailed documents, plastic parts and a lot of practical examples from his experience as a project manager, the day was filled with many benchmarks and „lessons learnt“ for the participants.

The training „injection moulding – from practice for practice” is also offered to external companies as an open or a closed workshop. If you are interested, please contact Reinhold Scheiffele, contact:

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25 Years – Working with friends

End of March the Schnitzer Group celebrated its 25th anniversary with the first „Global Campus Meeting“. Specially for this jubilee almost the entire workforce of the locations in Germany, Switzerland, Italy, the USA and also China came together. The “location” for that couldn´t be better chosen. For years the Schnitzer Group colleagues meet in Fiss (Tyrol) to go skiing. Enough reason to celebrate the 25th anniversary at this beauty spot also. This provided not only best conditions concerning the weather at this weekend, but there was also time for intense networking, active exchange and personal meeting. In the „Global Campus Meeting“ each location of the Schnitzer Group had the opportunity to present itself to its colleagues. There was no guideline how the presentation had to take place. Therefore, various presentations were created, influenced by the different cultures, personalities and talents of the presenter – whether alone or in a team. The result was a colourful mixture with a central theme: working with Schnitzer Group is like working with friends”.

Ideal conditions, to experience and celebrate the anniversary at various activities.

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Schnitzer Group 25X

NEWS/NEWS2018/2 Frauenpower der Schnitzer Group .JPG

Womenpower at Schnitzer Group

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Snowshoe hiking

NEWS/NEWS2018/4. Ueberblick ist wichtig .JPG

Overview is important

NEWS/NEWS2018/5. Ja wo laufen sie.JPG

Where are they walking?

NEWS/NEWS2018/6. Spass beim Schnuppern .JPG

Fun while first skiing lesson!




Schnitzer Group offers Opportunities for young talents

Since its foundation over a quarter century ago, the Schnitzer Group was active in education and the promotion of young talents. Many students already could get to know the specifically developed business model “Systemic Projectmanagement” during a 6-months-internship. Also, for more than 20 young engineers the Schnitzer Group provided the possibility to write their final papers in the company.

This year, too, three graduates could successfully complete their theses with the support of the Schnitzer Group. Firstly Luis Gapp, he wrote his Bachelor thesis about innovative solutions for tool tempering. Tobias Glötzinger developed a Tool-Tracking App in cooperation with a partner of the Schnitzer Group, the Werkzeugbau Laichingen, to gain his bachelor’s degree. “The application of generative manufacturing for injection molding tools” was classified and examined by the Master graduate Xenia Engelhardt.

All three young professionals could have been won for further commitment for the Schnitzer Group.


NEWS/NEWS2018/Gapp.jpg    NEWS/NEWS2018/Fa Schnitzer NOV17_032-2.jpg    NEWS/NEWS2018/Fa Schnitzer NOV17_009-2.jpg

         Luis Gapp                 Xenia Engelhardt               Tobias Glötzinger

      Bachelor of Eng.              Master of Eng.                 Bachelor of Eng.




Partners of the Schnitzer Group are also Benchmark

The Schnitzer Group covers international projects integrally, independently and established itself as a professional technical contractor long before. Many renowned automobile manufacturers have the company listed far above when it comes to the assignment of complex projects.

But also, the partners of the Schnitzer Group are Benchmark in their respective departments. At the beginning of March 2018, the Werkzeugbau Laichingen GmbH was rewarded with the International Procurement Service Award in the category Quality by the Daimler AG. As a distinguished and long-term partner for pressing tools the Werkzeugbau Laichingen shortens the vehicle development time and masters rising product complexity.

Currently the Werkzeugbau Laichingen cooperates as a system partner for forming simulations with the Schnitzer Group. The project is accompanied by Luis Gapp, an aspiring project manager of the Schnitzer Group.



Facelift for the site in Kornwestheim

2010 the Schnitzer Group moved from its founding location in Bietigheim-Bissingen to the site in Kornwestheim. Here, at the top floor of the former Salamander area, a great view towards almost the front door of our biggest customers in the automotive industry can be enjoyed.

But the office is also highly presentable, as many things happened here recently. Timely to the end of the carnival, the walls got a fresh white painting. The rooms now seem significantly brighter, larger and more inviting.

The place in front of our big window façade with the view towards Kornwestheim is now occupied by our lounge. A high table and comfortable sofa create a convenient area for networking opportunity between Schnitzer colleagues and for customer visits. And when the conference call lasts a bit longer again, it can be relaxingly done in the lounge.

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NEWS/NEWS2018/Bild 2_Lounge KWH.jpg

NEWS/NEWS2018/Bild 3_Sonnenaufgang.JPG




Exam passed: internal auditors according to IATF 16949:2016

Internal audits are valuable measures for constant quality control and -improvement and find extensive application in the automotive industry also. First and second party audits according to IATF 16949 put special demands on the assigned auditors in terms of their expertise.

The colleagues of the Schnitzer Group have always been dealing with the performance of “internal supplier audits”. On a regular basis these specialists pass internal training courses and advanced trainings.

By the revision of the DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 and the ISO TS 16949 to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 and IATF 16949:2016 an extensive re-training of the auditors had become necessary.

End of January 2018 the TÜV Saarland performed an auditor training according to IATF 16949 with a final exam at the location Kornwestheim. Moderator Hans-Günter Kunz from B2B Expertenteam of the TÜV Saarland congratulated 8 colleagues of the Schnitzer Group on the passed exam and handed over the corresponding certificates.

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Anniversary Celebration / Honors

At the traditional annual closure - the „Christmas-Campus“ – of the Schnitzer Group, there was a small premiere at the end of 2017: For the first time colleagues have been honored for their period of employment.

The reason for the premiere is simple: The Schnitzer Group celebrated its 25th birthday in 2017. Therefore the following colleagues were awarded:

For 15 years of collaboration in the team of the Schnitzer Group: Klaus Rößler and Wolfgang Strotmann.

5 years of team spirit showed: Michael Gropp, Christian Meier and Andreas Kohler (Schnitzer Consulting Shanghai Co. Ltd.)

Ulrike Schnitzer, responsible for the Human Resource area presented a certificate to the surprised jubilarians and a small gift. The honor was complemented by a humorous and cheerful laudation where little anecdotes were presented, how they joined the Schnitzer Group and which projects they have managed until now.

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NEWS/NEWS2017/News_29_Weihnachtskarte Spruch_EN.JPG