Moulding Expo in Stuttgart from 30.05.–02.06.2017

The Schnitzer Group presents

The international exhibition of tool, model and mould making takes place at the Stuttgart Trade Fair Center for the second time after 2015.

The Schnitzer Group presents itself in hall 3, booth B53.

We cordially invite you to join – make an appointment in advance if required – we are looking forward to talking to you.

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Peter Schnitzer was invited to the round table of the German Center Organisation in Munich

With the Schnitzer Consulting Shanghai the Schnitzer Group has an own location in China for 10 years. The registered office of the Chinese company is the German Center Shanghai. The setting up was supported by the organisation of the German Center in Munich.

The idea of the German Center was mutually developed from practical experience of economy, politics and banks and encourages today the exchange between German and local companies and institutions by events and seminars among other things.

The round table provides information, but is also used for building new networks for companies who want to establish a location in China.

Peter Schnitzer, as a long-term partner, was invited to report about the success story of the Schnitzer Consulting Shanghai and his experience with the collaboration with the German Center.

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Schnitzer Group Newsletter 1/2017 - "Systemic Projectmanagement meets Leadership"

What connects „Systemic Projectmanagement“ with leadership? Do processes not conflict with the required agility in an organisation? How become all three definitions an unit? Exciting questions, which are answered in our new newsletter in part and which we´ll deepen with you at our After-Work-Cocktail on 27.04.2017. Let yourself be surprised – and by the other topics of our worldwide activities, too. Enjoy reading the 25th anniversary version! 



10. 03. 2017

Save the date: 27. April 2017 from 15:30 h, make a note of right now:

“Systemic Projectmanagement” trifft Leadership 2020.

After-Work-Cocktail am Standort Weißenburg.

Key Note Speaker: Dr. Raimund Siegert, Daimler AG

“Leadership 2020 – Kulturveränderung in einem Großkonzern“

Wir freuen uns auf Ihren Besuch. Anmeldung bis 19. April 2017 und weitere Informationen bei Ingrid Bartsch +49 7522 707969-27. E-Mail: Die Teilnehmerzahl ist begrenzt. Adresse: Schnitzer Group, Dettenheimer Straße 30,91781 Weißenburg





"Enthusiasm is the beginning of all miracles and the breath of the soul."
Hans Menzel, lawyer and politican

Dear All,
We would sincerely like to thank you for the trusting cooperation in 2016. We wish you a reflective Christmas time and health, time for muse and a lot of personal great moments in the New Year.

In cordial connectedness, Yours Schnitzer Group Team

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International Workshops For System Integration Of Complex Assemblies

Products in the automotive industry become more complex constantly. Beside of established core functions of the products more and more secondary functions complete the product properties. Amongst other things this leads to the situation that various software and hardware systems are used which have to be compatible to one another. At internationally positioned companies this leads to a special task as soon as the released development gets industrialized in the global production plants.

Innovative manufacturers handle this requirement early by cross-functionally workshops with intercultural teams amongst other things. With that they secure the implementation of the systems sustainably and ensure an assured run-up. A Tier 1 system supplier has assigned the Schnitzer Group with the overall conception from the planning and moderation up to the operational implementation of such workshops. These will be carried out in English during the coming months at international production sites.







Local Knowledge Transfer

With the training module „plastic injection molding: process and tool technology“ the Schnitzer Group currently trains the employees of an automobile manufacturer. In the three days seminar basics of process and tool technology are imparted as well as selecting the right material. Also error patterns of the production process are analyzed and discussed.

Practical, pragmatic and competent the trainer team of the Schnitzer Group is using its extensive experience in this complex production technology. Regularly the explanations on a model of an injection molding machine or on a 3 D miniature tool of a front fairing are a highlight. This tool was manufactured in 3 D technology with a scale of 1:10 and supports the explanations of the experts of the Schnitzer Group at internal and external trainings.

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Schnitzer Group Newsletter 2/2016 - Now hot off the press!

Enjoy reading...




"Systemic Projectmanagement" in 120 Seconds

Analyzing technical complex matters, applying high technical method expertise pragmatically and directly, reacting emphatically to all project participants, an understandable communication for everyone, these are only a few topics of the daily doings of the Schnitzer Group. Symbolical for this is the new explanatory film of the globally acting technical service provider. Brief and descriptive transports the some main contents of „Systemic Projectmanagement“ of the Schnitzer Group.

Let yourself be surprised and convinced. We look forward to your feedback.

Click here for video


Workshops on industrialization of complex systems

Today more and more driving assistance systems are installed into cars. They increase safety on the one hand and on the other hand they increase the driving comfort, too. Some of them we as user perceive directly, e.g. parking assistance, speed assistance or other acoustical and visual warning systems. Cornering light assistance concepts or the newest active light systems in premium vehicles e.g. increasing the safety almost unnoticed while driving.

All this system have one in common – they increase the complexity of a product for functionally relevant implementation significantly, since besides the individual parts also control units, software and the necessary network between the individual systems have to be taken into account.

This complexity becomes clear especially in the industrialization phase. A “simple” training about montage, handling etc. of the parts is no longer sufficient to ensure the required customer quality and function of different subsystems. Instead it is necessary to identify the system relevant requirements and the integration of the overall system in the production ramp-up with all parties involved and to create a joint and integrated product understanding.

An almost ideal format to create a cross-functional product identification and understanding for the requirements of the system are workshops. Participants are all involved functions of product development, process planning, quality planning and production. These often multistage workshops are a key element for the successful system integration.

The Schnitzer Group organizes, directs and guides such workshops, also in an internationally environment and prepares the team of the manufacturer optimally for the requirements. In the run-up, during and after the workshop the Schnitzer Group supports with additional impulses from its many years of experience with technical complex products and systems.

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NEWS/NEWS2016/Kommunikationsschulung (3).jpg

For further information please contact:



Schnitzer Group Family Day 2016 - With “bag and baggage” at the glassblowers

Last Saturday the annual excursion of the Schnitzer Group took place. From the locations Wangen, Kornwestheim, Weißenburg and Shanghai many colleagues followed the invitation to the Allgäu with their families.

For the first time it took place also with Chinese participation - Axel Oroszi, managing director of the Schnitzer Consulting Shanghai, joined the family day with his wife Vicky and their little son Max.

At the meeting point Axel Oroszi had to pass a short employee quiz at first. Then the company group of 56 people did start by the team bus towards Kreuzthal, which is located between Leutkirch and Isny in the Adelegg. During the trip Peter Schnitzer gave a brief introduction regarding the historical background of the passing landscapes and villages of the Western Allgäu.

In Eisenbach, one of the two well preserved glassblower villages, the hiking group started on the legendary glassmaker path. During the two hour hike some challenges had to meet. In rough terrain buggies and strollers had to be transported. In addition a “schnapps table” of the Schnitzer Sons had to be passed.

Arrived at the very well preserved glassblower village Schmidsfelden new power was gathered during a country-style rest with a tasty “glassmaker pan” at the old “shed”. Beside of the historical guided tour through the glassmaker village, a children´s program was offered of course, too. Here the Schnitzer-offspring could become creative and created little glass ghosts and –hearts. Afterwards for the “grown-ups” a professional glassmaker demonstration took place at the glass oven.

After a relaxed return trip the group met at the “Allgäu room” of the Winestadl Rimmele to enjoy a tasty grill buffet. Without rain but with a lot of fresh air, action and a lively exchange the 16th Schnitzer family day came to an end.

NEWS/NEWS2016/Familientag 20160917 (65)mitte.jpg

NEWS/NEWS2016/Familientag 20160917 (4)klein.jpg NEWS/NEWS2016/Familientag 20160917 (5) klein.jpg

NEWS/NEWS2016/Familientag 20160917 (8)klein.jpg NEWS/NEWS2016/Familientag 20160917 (15)klein.jpg

NEWS/NEWS2016/Familientag 20160917 (17) klein.jpg NEWS/NEWS2016/Familientag 20160917 (32)klein.jpg

NEWS/NEWS2016/Familientag 20160917 (35)klein.jpg NEWS/NEWS2016/Familientag 20160917 (36) klein.jpg

NEWS/NEWS2016/Familientag 20160917 (45)klein.jpg NEWS/NEWS2016/Familientag 20160917 (50)klein.jpg

NEWS/NEWS2016/Familientag 20160917 (54) klein.jpg NEWS/NEWS2016/Familientag 20160917 klein.jpg



New Work Trend – „Lounge Office Concept“ at the Schnitzer Group

Work design, corporate health, work life blending, diversity, co-working, collaboration: Concepts that characterize the changes in work life. Among their employees, the Schnitzer Group has always put a focus on the independently, trust-based organization in fulfilling of their project assignments. Teamwork and exchange of knowledge between the employees is expected and encouraged by the management and is practiced company philosophy.

As a visible sign and for further support of teamwork the Schnitzer Group has implemented the office concept “lounge” at the locations Weißenburg and Wangen im Allgäu. The new equipment shall release creativity, provide rest and relaxation rooms and shall encourage team work at the same time. In this concept the static workplace is replaced by a flexible non-territorial and varied work environment. The office space has been consciously kept open to support a quick information transfer between the employees and to create a climate of transparency and efficiency by quick feedback and spontaneous meetings.

NEWS/NEWS2016/Buero WUG (1).JPG

NEWS/NEWS2016/Buero WUG (2).JPG

NEWS/NEWS2016/Buero WUG (3).JPG



Much more than Formula 1 for students

Our Mainfranken Racing Team at the „Formula Student“ in Hockenheim

Formula 1 atmosphere was present among the more than 140 competing student teams on the Hockenheimring. But the “Formula Student” is more than just a Formula 1 race for students.

Since 2006 students from all over the world get together for 5 days, to compete their self-constructed racing cars and to convince experts from the industry and economy of their performance and marketability.

Under the auspices of the VDI e.v. the future engineers from all subject areas need not only to prove the competitiveness of their cars in the race – they have to convince in 8 disciplines in total.

In the static disciplines the business plan, cost analyses and the engineering design of the “racing stable” need to be presented in front of a jury.

The dynamic disciplines examine the cars in regard to lateral and longitudinal acceleration potential, in the handling and on the durability and efficiency. The cars are only authorized for this evaluation test when the technical acceptance was passed.

This year the Schnitzer Group supports the Mainfranken Racing Team of the University of Schweinfurt in the area “Systemic Projectmanagement” and did use the opportunity to gain initial experience in the Formula Student on visiting the event.

The following pictures provide some impressions:

NEWS/NEWS2016/Bild 1 - In der Teambox.web.jpg

In the team box of the Mainfranken Racing Team

NEWS/NEWS2016/Bild 2 - Besucherandrang in den Boxen.jweb.jpg

Rush of visitors at the boxes

NEWS/NEWS2016/Bild 3 - Letztes Briefing vor dem Start.jpg

Final briefing before the start

NEWS/NEWS2016/Bild 4 - Regenpruefung.jpg

 Sprinkling test skid pad

NEWS/NEWS2016/Bild 5 - Tribuenernatmosphaere.jpg

 Atmosphere at the stand

NEWS/NEWS2016/Bild 6 - Sponsoren Lounge.jpg

Sponsor Lounge

NEWS/NEWS2016/Bild 7 - Endurance Pruefung.jpg

Endurance test

Source Photos: MFR and Schnitzer Group


Basics of communication and presentation techniques for the „Formula Student Team“

The Schnitzer Group is sponsor of the Mainfranken Racing Team of the University of Schweinfurt in the field „Systemic Projectmanagement“ in the „Formula Student“ for the season 2016. The project managers of the Schnitzer Group, Christian Meier and Reinhold Scheiffele, supporting the team in developing of the static disciplines e.g. the business plan and in the application of presentations.

With a tailored workshop for basics of communication and presentation techniques the Mainfranken Racing Team of the University of Schweinfurt was preparing for the Formula Student competition 2016 in Germany and Spain.

Trainer Reinhold Scheiffele, project manager of the Schnitzer Group, surprised the participants of the racing team with a workshop fitting to the racing atmosphere. Over the different sections of the race (qualifying - warm up - pit lane - parc ferme and tuning) supported by numerous practical exercises of the participants, he demonstrated the participants how to design presentations appropriate to the audience with little effort.

However, he also indicated that similar to a race, the training respectively the exercise of the presentation is a significant cornerstone of success.

In the wide service portfolio of the Schnitzer Group the implementation of workshops is also offered. This includes e.g.

> moderation of development workshops
> workshops on communication and presentation techniques
> communication guidelines in companies
> team building and team development

NEWS/NEWS2016/Bild 1 Schwebender Stab web.jpg

communication exercise "hovering bar"

NEWS/NEWS2016/Bild 2 Koerpersprache Zirkeltraining.JPG

body language "circuit training"

NEWS/NEWS2016/Bild 3 Praesentations unter Stress.JPG

presentation under stress

NEWS/NEWS2016/Bild 4 Diskussionsrunde.JPG

discussion with trainer Reinhold Scheiffele



Mountain, Beach, Sea – Wherever!

The Schnitzer Group wishes all business partners a pleasant and relaxing summer holiday 2016. Enjoy these precious days of the year.

We are looking forward to continuing our cooperation with you and to exciting, successfully projects in the near future.

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International Design Competition 09-14 August 2016 in Hockenheim

The Formula Student guests in Germany. From 9-14 August 2016 student teams from Europe get together on the Hockenheimring to present the racecars developed by them to an expert jury.

Reviewed are dynamic elements as well as purely static factors which decide about the competitiveness of the car. Dynamically tested are: endurance tests, acceleration, behavior in curves (circuit) and a lot more. Static factors are e.g. business plan, cost analyses and engineering and design.

The Schnitzer Group supports the Mainfranken Racing Team of the University Schweinfurt. We wish the team exciting days and an outstanding positioning. The total package of the Mainfranken Racing Team fits. Good luck!




Mountain Biking - Mudbath!

With a powerful team of 15 members the Schnitzer Group took part in the 14th mountain bike event of the SC Deuchelried end of June.

Already at the registration they have opted for the 50 km circuit with a medium level of difficulty.

The scenically beautiful tour, with a route profile of 800 metres in altitude led through paved roads, demanding bike trails, across meadows and through the beautiful forest landscape of the western Allgäu.

The rainy weather during the last weeks had turned the routes into muddy, difficult to ride paths and required a high level of condition and skill.

Despite of all strain the fun factor and the group experience were the main focus. When after four hours all participants did cross the finish line they properly celebrated with “isotonic drinks” of the local brewery and at the following biker party.

The Schnitzer Group supports this legendary mountain bike event as sponsor for years.

NEWS/20160706_1-Schnitzer Group Bike Team.JPG

The team of the Schnitzer Group after crossing the finish line

NEWS/20160706_2- Gelaendeherausforderung.webjpg.jpg

In terrain...

NEWS/20160706_3- Outdoor Repair web.jpg

Ouch! Break down, outdoor repair



Understanding Communication – Improve Communication

One factor of success of the Schnitzer Group is the skill of concise communication, presentation and summary of contents in the daily project business. For this various tools are available for the employees. It is important to know, to apply and to manage them.

Based on that a group of eight Schnitzer Group project managers from the sites Wangen i.A., Weißenburg/Bavaria and Kornwestheim joined on 24 June 2016.

In a mix of rhetoric training – practical exercise – team work the communication standards got presented by Reinhold Scheiffele and trained together with the participants. Thereby the colleagues had the opportunity to improve on differing situations e.g. frontal presentation, team discussion, spontaneous introduction and summary of contents.


Interesting information about China, career opportunities and different types of commissioning.

Did you know, that the Schnitzer Group …

> … has organized a fact-finding trip of the VDWF (association for the German tool- and moldmaking industry) in China?

> … offers their employees exceptional career opportunities within the globally positioned company group.

> … new types of collaboration and innovative types of commissioning offer a high flexibility for the customer.


Read more about that in the latest newsletter of the Schnitzer Group.




„Systemic Projectmanagement“ – Comprehensive Advice For Students

In the competition year 2016 the Schnitzer Group supports the Mainfranken Racing Team of the Würzburg-Schweinfurt University in the international design competition Formula Student.

This is a competition of universities around the formula car of tomorrow. Students all over the world globally compete in front of specialists from industry and economy and present their ideas.

Together with his colleagues, Christian Meier, project manager at the Schnitzer Group, provides the racing team with extensive advice on the static disciplines like cost analysis, engineering design, business plan or marketing and of course Systemic Projectmanagement. Whenever he needs to, the Bachelor of Engineering can rely on the entire expertise of the Schnitzer Group – practised swarm intelligence even at sponsorship.

On 02 June 2016 the competition car will be presented at the company Schaeffler Technologies in Schweinfurt. Further information and dates at:


Photo by FSG, Kroeger



Attractive presentation at the „vitamin b“ career fair

The first appearance of the Schnitzer Group at the “vitamin b” career fair of the Heilbronn University at the campus Künzelsau was a great success.

The employees Marius Schindler und Benedikt Wolff had many interesting discussions with students. The focus was on topics like bachelor theses, internships or possibilities to work for the Schnitzer Group.

The visitors were surprised by the range of different topics of project theses which the students have worked out during the last years. As a result the diversity of the field of work of the specialists for “Systemic Projectmanagement” became clear. Due to many years of experience, Marius Schindler was able to picture very impressively the perspectives for employees in the global group. His past professional experience as trainee, working student, bachelor's degree candidate in Germany then took him for three years to the Schnitzer Consulting Shanghai in China. Back to Germany Marius Schindler continues to bring in his international experience in the development and expansion of the Schnitzer Group USA.

This clearly shows that an international career is also possible at a small, dynamic company.

Please find further information on the career perspectives at the Schnitzer Group at:


Fair crew of the Schnitzer Group: Benedikt Wolff and Marius Schindler (f.l.)


Marius Schindler in discussion with students



Outstanding grades for bachelor thesis „Rapid prototyping at the Schnitzer Group“

We congratulate our future colleague Patrick Heine to the outstanding grading of his bachelor thesis about “rapid prototyping at the Schnitzer Group”.

In this thesis Patrick Heine analyzed the use of additive production processes for shortening of the product development process. The thesis of his studies was rated with grade 1,3. Congratulations!

We are pleased that Patrick Heine has decided to gain his first professional experiences after his studies and give him a warm welcome to the team as of 01.04.2016.

We are looking forward to a good working relationship!



Highlight of the winter season – the skiing days of the Schnitzer Group

Since more than 15 years, the skiing weekend of the Schnitzer Group is a fixed date in the calendar for all sport enthusiastic employees. Traditionally they went to Fiss-Serfaus this year again. The fresh snow and the marvelous weather lured skiers and snowshoe hikers early to the slopes and into the wonderful Tyrol mountains. In the evening the experiences were shared during apres ski and at culinary delights at the “Hexenalm” in Fiss. On the second day they went to Fendels onto the very well prepared and nearly empty slopes.

Impressions of the skiing days





Expansion takes up space. The subsidiary Weißenburg relocates…

The Schnitzer Group keeps up growing continuously. Also the team at the Frankish site in Weißenburg has been strengthened significantly during the past years. Due to this growth the move to new premises had become a matter of urgency. Branch manager Klaus Rößler found the place in the industrial and commercial estate South II directly at the B2.

The representative office space was set up accordingly to the new lounge office concept of the Schnitzer Group and occupied on 01.02.2016. The subsidiary Weißenburg can be reached as follows:

The new address is:

Schnitzer Group Gmbh & Co. KG

Dettenheimer Straße 30

91781 Weißenburg





We are starting with a breakthrough into the New Year!

Our office in Wangen is extending. After finishing the new administration office in the middle of December, conversion phase 2 has started.

On the 2nd floor of the Schnitzer office building, located in the heart of the old town, a large meeting room with library, coffee bar and table football area is created – fully glazed.

We are looking forward…

NEWS/NEWS2016/Neues Verwaltungsbuero.jpg

NEWS/NEWS2016/Erweiterung 1 Besprechungsraum.jpg