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From Practice for Practice

On 16 April 2018 a training on the subject „injection moulding „machine and process“ took place at the Schnitzer Group at the location Kornwestheim. The training was offered to the colleagues in the framework of the internal mentoring program. Leader of the training was Marius Schindler, one of the plastics experts at the Schnitzer Group. On the basis of detailed documents, plastic parts and a lot of practical examples from his experience as a project manager, the day was filled with many benchmarks and „lessons learnt“ for the participants.

The training „injection moulding – from practice for practice” is also offered to external companies as an open or a closed workshop. If you are interested, please contact Reinhold Scheiffele, contact:

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25 Years – Working with friends

End of March the Schnitzer Group celebrated its 25th anniversary with the first „Global Campus Meeting“. Specially for this jubilee almost the entire workforce of the locations in Germany, Switzerland, Italy, the USA and also China came together. The “location” for that couldn´t be better chosen. For years the Schnitzer Group colleagues meet in Fiss (Tyrol) to go skiing. Enough reason to celebrate the 25th anniversary at this beauty spot also. This provided not only best conditions concerning the weather at this weekend, but there was also time for intense networking, active exchange and personal meeting. In the „Global Campus Meeting“ each location of the Schnitzer Group had the opportunity to present itself to its colleagues. There was no guideline how the presentation had to take place. Therefore, various presentations were created, influenced by the different cultures, personalities and talents of the presenter – whether alone or in a team. The result was a colourful mixture with a central theme: working with Schnitzer Group is like working with friends”.

Ideal conditions, to experience and celebrate the anniversary at various activities.

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Schnitzer Group 25X

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Womenpower at Schnitzer Group

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Snowshoe hiking

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Overview is important

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Where are they walking?

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Fun while first skiing lesson!




Schnitzer Group offers Opportunities for young talents

Since its foundation over a quarter century ago, the Schnitzer Group was active in education and the promotion of young talents. Many students already could get to know the specifically developed business model “Systemic Projectmanagement” during a 6-months-internship. Also, for more than 20 young engineers the Schnitzer Group provided the possibility to write their final papers in the company.

This year, too, three graduates could successfully complete their theses with the support of the Schnitzer Group. Firstly Luis Gapp, he wrote his Bachelor thesis about innovative solutions for tool tempering. Tobias Glötzinger developed a Tool-Tracking App in cooperation with a partner of the Schnitzer Group, the Werkzeugbau Laichingen, to gain his bachelor’s degree. “The application of generative manufacturing for injection molding tools” was classified and examined by the Master graduate Xenia Engelhardt.

All three young professionals could have been won for further commitment for the Schnitzer Group.


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         Luis Gapp                 Xenia Engelhardt               Tobias Glötzinger

      Bachelor of Eng.              Master of Eng.                 Bachelor of Eng.




Partners of the Schnitzer Group are also Benchmark

The Schnitzer Group covers international projects integrally, independently and established itself as a professional technical contractor long before. Many renowned automobile manufacturers have the company listed far above when it comes to the assignment of complex projects.

But also, the partners of the Schnitzer Group are Benchmark in their respective departments. At the beginning of March 2018, the Werkzeugbau Laichingen GmbH was rewarded with the International Procurement Service Award in the category Quality by the Daimler AG. As a distinguished and long-term partner for pressing tools the Werkzeugbau Laichingen shortens the vehicle development time and masters rising product complexity.

Currently the Werkzeugbau Laichingen cooperates as a system partner for forming simulations with the Schnitzer Group. The project is accompanied by Luis Gapp, an aspiring project manager of the Schnitzer Group.



Facelift for the site in Kornwestheim

2010 the Schnitzer Group moved from its founding location in Bietigheim-Bissingen to the site in Kornwestheim. Here, at the top floor of the former Salamander area, a great view towards almost the front door of our biggest customers in the automotive industry can be enjoyed.

But the office is also highly presentable, as many things happened here recently. Timely to the end of the carnival, the walls got a fresh white painting. The rooms now seem significantly brighter, larger and more inviting.

The place in front of our big window façade with the view towards Kornwestheim is now occupied by our lounge. A high table and comfortable sofa create a convenient area for networking opportunity between Schnitzer colleagues and for customer visits. And when the conference call lasts a bit longer again, it can be relaxingly done in the lounge.

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Exam passed: internal auditors according to IATF 16949:2016

Internal audits are valuable measures for constant quality control and -improvement and find extensive application in the automotive industry also. First and second party audits according to IATF 16949 put special demands on the assigned auditors in terms of their expertise.

The colleagues of the Schnitzer Group have always been dealing with the performance of “internal supplier audits”. On a regular basis these specialists pass internal training courses and advanced trainings.

By the revision of the DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 and the ISO TS 16949 to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 and IATF 16949:2016 an extensive re-training of the auditors had become necessary.

End of January 2018 the TÜV Saarland performed an auditor training according to IATF 16949 with a final exam at the location Kornwestheim. Moderator Hans-Günter Kunz from B2B Expertenteam of the TÜV Saarland congratulated 8 colleagues of the Schnitzer Group on the passed exam and handed over the corresponding certificates.

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Anniversary Celebration / Honors

At the traditional annual closure - the „Christmas-Campus“ – of the Schnitzer Group, there was a small premiere at the end of 2017: For the first time colleagues have been honored for their period of employment.

The reason for the premiere is simple: The Schnitzer Group celebrated its 25th birthday in 2017. Therefore the following colleagues were awarded:

For 15 years of collaboration in the team of the Schnitzer Group: Klaus Rößler and Wolfgang Strotmann.

5 years of team spirit showed: Michael Gropp, Christian Meier and Andreas Kohler (Schnitzer Consulting Shanghai Co. Ltd.)

Ulrike Schnitzer, responsible for the Human Resource area presented a certificate to the surprised jubilarians and a small gift. The honor was complemented by a humorous and cheerful laudation where little anecdotes were presented, how they joined the Schnitzer Group and which projects they have managed until now.

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Schnitzer Group awards Main Prize

For more than 10 years the university Ravensburg-Weingarten and the Schnitzer Group have a trusting cooperation. Therefore the Schnitzer Group was requested to award a “prize”. As part of the 20. Career Days the students should answer questions regarding the exhibitors in a sweepstake. Proud winner was Maximilian Kaiser, student of industrial engineering. Within the award ceremony during the Career Days he received the first prize, a Microsoft Surface Pro, presented by Ulrike Schnitzer, HR at the Schnitzer Group.


Schnitzer Group on Talent Search!

Each year in autumn the domestic economy meets at the universities. “Career Days”, “Engineering Night” or simply “Practice Days”- at each place of study there is a different name for it. But all have the same aim: students can get to know their future employer and can network with them.

The Schnitzer Group was “on tour” as well to present itself. Destinations have been the university in Würzburg-Schweinfurt, in Neu-Ulm, and the university Ravensburg-Weingarten and Heilbronn next week. The students have the opportunity to get informed and then to apply for internships, bachelor theses or a master thesis. Meanwhile already graduates and job seekers use this nonbinding but exciting />


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Schnitzer Group Newsletter IN TIME - edition 2/2017

"There is no plan that can survive contact with reality"

Product development planning is based on a “zero errors” approach. At the same time, increasingly digital team communication and rapid technological changes in the production environment are placing growing demands on all of the parties involved. These factors can quickly turn projects into complex undertakings and augment the risk of failure in the process. So how can projects be turned into success stories nonetheless? ...

Read >more

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27. 10. 2017

All-in-One – “Schnitzer Group proudly presents”:

The Schnitzer Group grows continually. Thus it is very important and a continuous process to train communication and cooperation in a team. At this year´s team day at the monastery Rot at the Rot (Upper Swabia) another milestone was set to achieve the vision 2020 by group exercises and reflections. The highlight of the day was the construction of a cableway across a pond in four teams where construction and effective cooperation was on trial. An “educational”, powerful day with a lot of sun and warmth.

As loosening-up exercise all colleagues from Germany and Switzerland posed for a group picture. A rare sight as the teams, due to their areas of applications, don´t attend in full at internal meetings always, but are away on behalf of our customers.


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27. 10. 2017

Best Practice auf der Fakuma

Within the mentoring concept of the Schnitzer Group the internal knowledge transfer is an element for the continuous development of each employee. Further elements are active coaching in projects, regular trainings of key areas and operative learning in practice. Therefore trade fairs are getting visited by Schnitzer Teams together also. During the visit of selected exhibitors one mentor explains the technical features of the presented exhibits to the colleagues.

Last week Peter Schnitzer visited the Fakuma in Friedrichshafen with young employees now. They learned about the newest developments in plastic injection moulding. At first as group, then in teams of 2 with specific focus topics. The findings and learnings of the fair will be shared during key-note talks with the colleagues at the Schnitzer Group locations.




Agile knowledge transfer is fun

What has agility to do with Scrum or Kanban? How important is agility for the industry today? What are the basics of agile corporate culture? Three questions which are discussed in companies currently.

Therefore, Christian Meier, project manager at the Schnitzer Group, has developed the business game „CREATOR“. The target of the concept is to playfully train basics of agile models, in different modules, with the participants.

A first run of the game was recently done at the Schnitzer Group in Wangen. The mix between talks and active implementation was obviously great fun for all participants and made the knowledge transfer of agile methods easier. The simulation of a real customer-supplier relation allowed the group an exciting insight in the product development process and provided practically oriented the increasing need of transparency, flow of information and networking.

You want to know more? We would be glad to visit you. Contact: Reinhold Scheiffele +49 7522 707969-0 –



Summer Time - Holiday Time

The Schnitzer Group wishes all business partners a pleasant and relaxing summer holiday 2017. Enjoy these precious days of the year. We are looking forward to continuing to work with you and to exciting, successful projects in the near future.

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Social commitment expanded

The Schnitzer International Swiss GmbH supports the Special Olympics Switzerland. The Special Olympics is a sports organisation officially recognised by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) for people with intellectual and multiple disabilities. Originated in 1968 by Eunice Kennedy-Shriver, a sister of John F. Kennedy, the Special Olympics is present in 170 countries with nearly 5 million athletes. Special Olympics Switzerland is the worldwide biggest sports movement for people with intellectual disabilities.

The Schnitzer International Swiss GmbH is a member of the globally acting Schnitzer Group and has its registered office in Zurich. Further locations are in Germany, Italy, China and the USA.



Manufacturability, costs and scheduling at the touch of a button 

Recently the Schnitzer Group has begun using the newly developed AutoForm R^7 Planning & Bidding Software for component based evaluation of the technical feasibility and cost calculation. Based on CAD data of the actual component the costs and an initial feasibility get analysed. Also it allows a scheduling of the respective working hours from construction to tool start up.

Further advantages at a glance:

  • Valuation and weighting of parameters and influencing factors
  • Transparent process development and overview of tool and part costs
  • Technically based decision-making basis
  • Identification of method optimisation for cost savings at component and tools

In addition to the new results the Schnitzer Group achieves even more precise statements about the manufacturability for high-strength materials, lightweight aluminium construction and the respective costs and times by comparison with its global tool data bases.

This well-founded information serves as a decision making basis for the award and commissioning of suppliers and provides transparency early on about feasibility, costs and time.

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NEWS/NEWS2017/Folgeverbundwerk ... itt und Biegeplan web.jpg

NEWS/NEWS2017/Rueckfederungsko ... kzeugwirkflaechen web.jpg


Manufacturability, costs and scheduling at the touch of a button

Recently the Schnitzer Group has begun using the newly developed AutoForm R^7 Planning & Bidding Software for component based evaluation of the technical feasibility and cost calculation. Based on CAD data of the actual component the costs and an initial feasibility get analysed. Also it allows a scheduling of the respective working hours from construction to tool start up.

Further advantages at a glance:

 Valuation and weighting of parameters and influencing factors

 Transparent process development and overview of tool and part costs

 Technically based decision-making basis

 Identification of method optimisation for cost savings at component and tools

In addition to the new results the Schnitzer Group achieves even more precise statements about the manufacturability for high-strength materials, lightweight aluminium construction and the respective costs and times by comparison with its global tool data bases.

This well-founded information serves as a decision making basis for the award and commissioning of suppliers and provides transparency early on about feasibility, costs and time.


The Schnitzer Group in daily press

One of 3 locations of the Schnitzer Group is located in Weißenburg/Bavaria and this for 15 years. Due to the increasing number of employees they moved into a new, attractive office. Now in 2017 it was time to open it duly with an After-Work-Cocktail.

The local press reported extensively on the well-attended event of the Schnitzer Group on 27. April 2017.

The company is still looking for qualified technical employees.



Successful trade fair participation at the Moulding Expo 2017 in Stuttgart

The summary of the Schnitzer Group of the trade fair was a „successful“. From 30.05.2017 to 02.06.2017 the exhibition of international tool, pattern and mould making took place at the new Trade Fair Centre Stuttgart.

Schnitzer Group presented itself to interested trade visitors with an innovative fair stand concept. In many conversations the exhibition team of the international operating technical service provider could convince the visitors of the diversity of the whole team and the fields of application of the Schnitzer Group. Already on the fair promising enquiries have been placed.

The Schnitzer Group is a globally active technical service provider with the focus on „Systemic Projectmanagement“. This pragmatic approach works successfully for complex technical projects as well as for more simple tasks. For 25 years 50 employees from 9 locations support the manufacturing industries in various branches e.g. the automotive and aerospace industry at the implementation of their projects in every stage of the product development process. The basis for the success is the combination of technology and management.





After-Work-Cocktail in Weißenburg 

“Systemic Projectmanagement” meets Leadership 2020 – inspiring event!

The first After-Work-Cocktail on 27th April 2017 in the new office rooms of Schnitzer Group Weißenburg was a well-rounded event. Dr. Raimund Siegert from Daimler AG, Key-Note Speaker at this event, presented unusual and deep insights into the ongoing change in culture at the most successful premium manufacturer of german automotive industry.

Peter Schnitzer, managing director of Schnitzer Group, explained the similarities between Leadership 2020 and “Systemic Projectmanagement” and pointed out the importance of lived culture of trust and swarm mindsetting as essential success factors of the Company.

More Information you will find in our special newsletter “Schnitzer inTime”, starting in CW20

Impressions of the After-Work-Cocktail...








Moulding Expo in Stuttgart from 30.05.–02.06.2017

The Schnitzer Group presents

The international exhibition of tool, model and mould making takes place at the Stuttgart Trade Fair Center for the second time after 2015.

The Schnitzer Group presents itself in hall 3, booth B53.

We cordially invite you to join – make an appointment in advance if required – we are looking forward to talking to you.

NEWS/NEWS2017/20170307_Expo Moulding Banner.gif



Peter Schnitzer was invited to the round table of the German Center Organisation in Munich

With the Schnitzer Consulting Shanghai the Schnitzer Group has an own location in China for 10 years. The registered office of the Chinese company is the German Center Shanghai. The setting up was supported by the organisation of the German Center in Munich.

The idea of the German Center was mutually developed from practical experience of economy, politics and banks and encourages today the exchange between German and local companies and institutions by events and seminars among other things.

The round table provides information, but is also used for building new networks for companies who want to establish a location in China.

Peter Schnitzer, as a long-term partner, was invited to report about the success story of the Schnitzer Consulting Shanghai and his experience with the collaboration with the German Center.

NEWS/NEWS2017/201703 GermanCenter Shanghai.jpg



Schnitzer Group Newsletter 1/2017 - "Systemic Projectmanagement meets Leadership"

What connects „Systemic Projectmanagement“ with leadership? Do processes not conflict with the required agility in an organisation? How become all three definitions an unit? Exciting questions, which are answered in our new newsletter in part and which we´ll deepen with you at our After-Work-Cocktail on 27.04.2017. Let yourself be surprised – and by the other topics of our worldwide activities, too. Enjoy reading the 25th anniversary version! 




Save the date: 27. April 2017 from 15:30 h, make a note of right now:

“Systemic Projectmanagement” trifft Leadership 2020.

After-Work-Cocktail am Standort Weißenburg.

Key Note Speaker: Dr. Raimund Siegert, Daimler AG

“Leadership 2020 – Kulturveränderung in einem Großkonzern“

Wir freuen uns auf Ihren Besuch. Anmeldung bis 19. April 2017 und weitere Informationen bei Ingrid Bartsch +49 7522 707969-27. E-Mail: Die Teilnehmerzahl ist begrenzt. Adresse: Schnitzer Group, Dettenheimer Straße 30,91781 Weißenburg







"Enthusiasm is the beginning of all miracles and the breath of the soul."
Hans Menzel, lawyer and politican

Dear All,
We would sincerely like to thank you for the trusting cooperation in 2016. We wish you a reflective Christmas time and health, time for muse and a lot of personal great moments in the New Year.

In cordial connectedness, Yours Schnitzer Group Team

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International Workshops For System Integration Of Complex Assemblies

Products in the automotive industry become more complex constantly. Beside of established core functions of the products more and more secondary functions complete the product properties. Amongst other things this leads to the situation that various software and hardware systems are used which have to be compatible to one another. At internationally positioned companies this leads to a special task as soon as the released development gets industrialized in the global production plants.

Innovative manufacturers handle this requirement early by cross-functionally workshops with intercultural teams amongst other things. With that they secure the implementation of the systems sustainably and ensure an assured run-up. A Tier 1 system supplier has assigned the Schnitzer Group with the overall conception from the planning and moderation up to the operational implementation of such workshops. These will be carried out in English during the coming months at international production sites.







Local Knowledge Transfer

With the training module „plastic injection molding: process and tool technology“ the Schnitzer Group currently trains the employees of an automobile manufacturer. In the three days seminar basics of process and tool technology are imparted as well as selecting the right material. Also error patterns of the production process are analyzed and discussed.

Practical, pragmatic and competent the trainer team of the Schnitzer Group is using its extensive experience in this complex production technology. Regularly the explanations on a model of an injection molding machine or on a 3 D miniature tool of a front fairing are a highlight. This tool was manufactured in 3 D technology with a scale of 1:10 and supports the explanations of the experts of the Schnitzer Group at internal and external trainings.

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Schnitzer Group Newsletter 2/2016 - Now hot off the press!

Enjoy reading...




"Systemic Projectmanagement" in 120 Seconds

Analyzing technical complex matters, applying high technical method expertise pragmatically and directly, reacting emphatically to all project participants, an understandable communication for everyone, these are only a few topics of the daily doings of the Schnitzer Group. Symbolical for this is the new explanatory film of the globally acting technical service provider. Brief and descriptive transports the some main contents of „Systemic Projectmanagement“ of the Schnitzer Group.

Let yourself be surprised and convinced. We look forward to your feedback.

Click here for video


Workshops on industrialization of complex systems

Today more and more driving assistance systems are installed into cars. They increase safety on the one hand and on the other hand they increase the driving comfort, too. Some of them we as user perceive directly, e.g. parking assistance, speed assistance or other acoustical and visual warning systems. Cornering light assistance concepts or the newest active light systems in premium vehicles e.g. increasing the safety almost unnoticed while driving.

All this system have one in common – they increase the complexity of a product for functionally relevant implementation significantly, since besides the individual parts also control units, software and the necessary network between the individual systems have to be taken into account.

This complexity becomes clear especially in the industrialization phase. A “simple” training about montage, handling etc. of the parts is no longer sufficient to ensure the required customer quality and function of different subsystems. Instead it is necessary to identify the system relevant requirements and the integration of the overall system in the production ramp-up with all parties involved and to create a joint and integrated product understanding.

An almost ideal format to create a cross-functional product identification and understanding for the requirements of the system are workshops. Participants are all involved functions of product development, process planning, quality planning and production. These often multistage workshops are a key element for the successful system integration.

The Schnitzer Group organizes, directs and guides such workshops, also in an internationally environment and prepares the team of the manufacturer optimally for the requirements. In the run-up, during and after the workshop the Schnitzer Group supports with additional impulses from its many years of experience with technical complex products and systems.

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NEWS/NEWS2016/Kommunikationsschulung (3).jpg

For further information please contact: